Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Libertas Meeting Update (Nov 14)

At our meeting Last night, we discussed our upcoming projects and enjoyed some quality time on the coaches in the YMCA student program office. FAIR TRADE JEWELRY * We are still hoping to sell the fair trade jewelry before holiday break and around Valentines Day. The price is still debatable and we need to make sure that we are able to order the product soon. T-SHIRT DESIGN * Planning for our t-shirt design contest is well underway. We plan to open competition for students to present their alternative design for u of I t-shirts and have the design printed on sweat free shirts to be sold for fundraising. A big project, but we are all SO excited! Posters are being planned by Allison, so start telling your friends FREE MOVIE SHOWING * Our next movie showing at the YMCA will be in the second week of next semester. We are open to suggestions and are considering showing the Human Trafficking movie with Meera Soervino. On the to do list for the event are public service announcements, posters and soliciting co-sponsorship. SPONSORING A SPEAKER * Also for the spring semester, we are attempting to bring a speaker to campus from iAbolish. Here is a link to the people we are interested in: . Tarah is doing an excellent job of contacting the organization. We will need to present to SORF and/or the Y Board of Governors to request funding for this event. MAKING OUR DONATIONS * We are also investigating organizations to donate to. Ashley is checking out Save the Children and we have our past experience to rely on with Free the Slaves and WorldVision. COME AND JOIN US NEXT TUESDAY! We love seeing new faces. Be sure to leave us some comments or suggestions even if you don't attend regularly! -Libertas

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